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We asked the bosses at the BBC and the anchor man for ITN. PLAY the videos

‘The BBC is State sponsored journalism’ accused James Murdoch of News Corporation. ‘Tosh’ replies Yentob spokesman for the largest publicly funded media organization in the world.


In the face of relentless questioning, Alan Yentob defends the independence of the BBC. So what is the relationship between the government and the BBC?

Alan Yentob

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A mover and shaker in the media industry, we met him at Brentford Football Club where he is chairman.


His working class background and plain speaking style has made enemies. He lost his job at the BBC over coverage of the Iraq war. He describes Blair and Alastair Campbell as ‘unpleasant political thugs’.

Greg Dyke

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Journalist and TV presenter working for ITN. His accessible and populist approach to events made him an eager participant in this project.


The Channel 4 News website has a well advertised link to the ‘Who Knows Who’             , which traces the social and financial connections between people and politicians in the news.

Jon Snow

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- Former Director General of the BBC

- Head of Channel 4 News

- Creative Director BBC


Do media companies runs this place?
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