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After leaving Liverpool University, Snow worked for New Horizon Youth Centre, a day centre for young drug addicts in central London - an organisation with which he has remained involved and of which he subsequently became chairman.


ITN's Washington correspondent (1983–86) and diplomatic editor (1986–89).


Became the main presenter of Channel 4 News in 1989.

Born September 1947 (age 63) in Ardingly, Sussex. He was brought up at Ardingly College, a minor public school, where his father George D'Oyly Snow was headmaster. He later attended the independent St Edward's School in Oxford. Studied law at the University of Liverpool. However, he did not complete the degree, being rusticated for his part in a student protest.


Assistant to Lord Longford and for a year was a VSO volunteer in Northern Uganda, East Africa.


Snow declined an OBE, then investigated and presented a Channel 4 documentary named 'Secrets of the Honours System'.


In 1976, Snow rejected an approach by MI5 to spy on his colleagues. At first he was asked to supply information about the Communist Party, but he was then asked to spy on certain 'left-wing people’ working in television. In return MI5 would make secret monthly tax-free payments into his bank account; his salary of £3,600 would be matched and there wouldn't be any problems with Inland Revenue.

Channel 4 is a British public-service television broadcaster largely commercially funded. ITN produce Channel 4 News since the channel's inception in 1982.

Zac Goldsmith, the Conservative MP for Richmond Park clashed angrily with Snow during a live TV interview, July 2010, about claims the millionaire Tory broke the rules on election spending. Goldsmith accused Snow of telling viewers "deliberate and outrageous" lies and warned Channel 4 News to "watch it" during a finger-wagging 13-minutes .The squabble followed an investigation by Channel 4 News and the Bureau of Investigative Journalism into campaign spending at the last election.

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