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Executive director since 2008, War on Want


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2004: Campaigns and policy director, War on Want

2003: Trade policy adviser, ActionAid

2001: Trade policy adviser, Save the Children

He writes a regular column for The Guardian

1987-1989 English teacher, Beijing, China

He worked as a teacher in Pakistan and China during the 1980s, taking an MA in Chinese politics from London University?s School of Oriental and African Studies before joining the BBC World Service as a specialist in East Asian affairs. 1987-1989 English teacher, Beijing, China


John is a campaigner for Global Justice. He is the author of numerous publications on international development and trade issues, including: Global Europe: The European Union’s double attack on developing countries and the European social model (2008).

War on Want is an anti-poverty charity based in London, England, which highlights the needs of poverty-stricken areas around the world, lobbying governments and international agencies. Its slogan is "poverty is political.

The charity has 23 staff.

Third Sector July 2008.  Asda, Primark, Coca-Cola, Anglo American and Caterpillar have all been on the receiving end of War on Want's scrutiny in recent years. Asked to describe the charity's relations with the corporations it researches, Hilary opts, politely, for: "A bit spiky." He adds: "We don't spend too much time engaging with the companies. There are other charities that do that - try to cajole them into being more responsible. Our role is to complement that policy of engagement with more hard-hitting reports that hold them to account. For us, independence from companies and governments is a guarantee of our integrity."


The Independent, January 2010. Companies such as Primark, Asda, Tesco and Matalan have conquered the UK market by selling huge volumes of clothes and shoes to consumers at around half the average high street price. The result is that the clothing and footwear sector has experienced price deflation in every one of the past 10 years. This pressure on prices is then passed along the supply chain, so that people producing our clothes in the sweatshops of Asia are denied a chance to work their way out of poverty.”

John Hilary


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