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Billy Ridgers who runs the educational publisher                        , approached the                                                  and asked them if they would fund an investigation by young people into political power in the United Kingdom.


The feeling was that with an election coming up, many people were disillusioned with the political process. People wanted to know how things actually worked and how decisions were made. Our elected representatives didn’t seem to be doing it. So we would.


The bid was successful. A group of us                          from around the UK were recruited to find out how the UK was run. We decided to talk to the people that actually ran things and to see what they had to say. And we did. We got access to the commanding heights of the economy and met some of the most powerful people in Britain. Were we over-awed? No way. Britain is open enough to allow this kind of investigation, but it is not that open.


Making Contact


We looked up the top UK companies, the biggest banks and the TV and media companies. We found out who ran them and e-mailed and telephoned until they answered.  A lot of people wouldn’t talk to us. But once one or two said yes, we were in.  A lot we heard surprised us. But many of our suspicions about how things are run and who actually has power were borne out. This is our story.

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You have to start somewhere.

So let's start from the beginning...


Team Video

Rowntree Charitable Trust

The Full Investigation

The complete unexpurgated investigation is available on an Interactive DVD. So if you are interested in how we did it and the full exposure and the implications for young people, politics and social change, you will need the full version.

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