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Speakers for Schools brings business, media and political speakers that are leaders in their field into state secondary schools and colleges, free of charge. Includes some of participants in 'Who runs this place?' Visit their website:



Last year, the hedge fund boss Jon Moulton, (interviewed in 'Who runs this place?'             ) bought defence firm Gardner UK which has interests in government arms contracts. Moulton twice donated £50,000 to Liam Fox when he was shadow defence secretary. He has also contributed £125,000 to the Conservative Party.


LSN Learning Skills Network - post 16 education support


Anatomy of Britain - Who runs this place? (2004 edition)

Anatomy of Britain was a book written by Anthony Sampson in 1962. The book is an examination of the ruling classes of the United Kingdom, looking at the holders of political, bureaucratic, and financial power. He completely rewrote the book over four decades, thus enabling changes in power structures to be considered over time. Sampson died in 2004, shortly after Who Runs This Place? was published. Read the review                                            Recent ABRIDGED version       HERE



Who Runs Britain?: And Who's to Blame for the Economic Mess We're In?

Written in 2008 by Robert Peston, This is a fascinating insight into casino capitalism and the current financial crisis. 'A new plutocracy has been born'.      There are many reviews, for two of the best                     or  


Social Mobility is on the agenda       You will need to view the DVD if you want to see the investigation's conclusions on social mobility or the lack of it in modern Britain:

HOW OPEN IS BRITAIN?                            for a short clip.



                   is still spilling the beans on the City, his books including 'Just Business' here:                       & video
















                                                  OCCUPY  - Part of an international protest by young people at the part played by

                                                  business and banking in the current economic crisis.

                                                  Initially 4000 – 5000 people gathered in London’s Square Mile, voicing their anger at the social                                                    and economic inequality in the UK and around the world; There was a high profile occupation                                                    of the square in front of St Pauls cathedral.




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                                                News Corp's fortunes changed suddenly in early 2011. The evidence that the market                                                                domination of the News of the World and possibly the other Murdoch papers was based on                                                      illegal phone hacking, was overwhelming.


The public was outraged. In a desperate attempt to limit the damage Murdoch closed the News of the World. But it was too late. His political friends, including the Prime Minister abandoned him, his CEO Rebekah Brooks and a string of editors and journalists face criminal charges. The cosy relationship between the Murdoch press and the police led London's top police officer, Sir Paul Stephenson to resign.  Prime Minister Cameron implicated through Jeremy Hunt's handling of the BSkyB bid and his relation-ship with Brooks, set up the Leveson Enquiry. Rupert Murdoch, his son James and Rebekah Brooks and the widespread media dishonesty was exposed in the course of the enquiry.


On 13 July 2011, MPs voted unanimously against the BSkyB deal and Rupert Murdoch abandoned the biggest expansion deal of his lifetime!

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