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Arguably the UK’s top businessman- the quintessential oligarch. He led BP to its highest ever profits and earned a bonus of £900,000, which took his pay and perks up to £7 million.

We met him the week before BP's Gulf of Mexico disaster and shortly before he published his report on University Funding.

The old boy system in business no longer works he claims. But the UK is not run by politicians but by people who get things done.

Lord John Browne of Madingley

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One of the richest people in business in the UK.

Before Vodafone he was chairman of HSBC – one of the biggest banks in the world. He left shortly before the ‘crash’.


Business makes money. Governments don't make money they rely on business for money. Yes business influences government, but it doesn't run the place.

Sir John Bond

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We needed an expert view on the relationship between business and the government.  Where better than the Voice of Business - the CBI.


The Director General of the CBI met us in the executive suite of the Centre Point skyscraper. We asked him about 'the revolving door' between the City and Westminster.

Richard Lambert

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A high profile venture capitalist, who relishes the current economic crisis - 'Hoping to turn this downturn into gold!'


He has earned a fortune buying up ailing companies, slashing costs and selling them on at a profit. Love him or loathe him, he is the voice of the wealthy investor looking for high returns - anywhere!

Jon Moulton

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- Former CEO of BP

- Chairman of Vodafone & HSBC

-Confederation of British Industry CBI

- CEO of Better Capital

Does big business run this place?
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