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£180,000 – though he also earns hefty fees for presenting Imagine and has a much-talked-about (and envied) pension pot worth more than £6m. His annual income has been estimated at £500,000. This is one of the biggest pensions in the public sector. Yentob became eligible to receive his final-salary pension in March 2007.

Aside from his salary as the corporation’s creative director, he receives separate fees for presenting and producing Imagine, the flagship arts programme.

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After initially joining the BBC as a trainee in the BBC World Service in 1968, he has spent his entire professional career with the Corporation.

Born 11 March 1947 into a Jewish family of Iraqi descent in London, and was educated at the independent The King's School, Ely and Leeds University.


Given the nickname Botney (Yentob spelled backwards) by the magazine Private Eye.


Yentob's reputation has become slightly tarnished of late, after it was revealed that his participation in some of the interviews for Imagine had been faked. Yentob has been warned not to do this again, but otherwise not disciplined, much to the disgruntlement of some who have seen more junior staff lose their jobs for lesser misdemeanours.

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) is the principal public service broadcaster in the United Kingdom. It is the largest broadcaster in the world with about 23,000 staff.

Yentob, 63, is widely expected to retire as creative director soon, however, as the BBC director general, Mark Thompson, carries out one of the most brutal executive purges in the corporation's recent history. His post would then be abolished, although Yentob is likely to remain at the corporation in some capacity.


He developed TV shows such as Arena, Imagine and Omnibus before rising to become controller of BBC1 and BBC2.

The Guardian, June 2010. He hoped to become director-general when John Birt left in 2000, but was beaten to it by the more populist Greg Dyke. Yentob puts a brave face on it now. "In a way that did determine everything that followed, but I'm really glad I didn't get it. I'd probably have been sacked. I think I could have run the BBC, but obviously I would have run it in my way."

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