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The ‘Voice of the Banks’.

Angela Knight is a familiar face on television screens demanding that we ‘Leave the bankers alone’.  

Here she defends the banks from the accusation of greed and irresponsible behaviour. Banks are only trying to make a profit.


As a Tory MP, she was Economic Secretary to the Treasury 1995-97.

 - Head of British Bankers Association

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Who is Cityboy?  His anonymous column in the London Paper exposed the excesses of the City as ‘arrogant, money obsessed, competitive and greedy’.  

The Cityboy blog exposes the mentality of the people who work in the City: 'the lunatics have taken over the asylum'.


The problem with free markets, they are dictated by greed and fear.

- Investment Analyst and City blogger

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‘Everyone wants Philip Hampton as a Chairman!’  A trouble-shooter brought in when the going gets tough. His CV lists most UK top companies.; Sainsbury, British Gas, BT, Lloyds TSB and British Steel.


Here the world’s top banker defends big bonuses and eye watering salaries. Like it or not banks are too big to fail.

- Chairman of Royal Bank of Scotland

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Angela Knight

Sir Philip Hampton

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