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Outspoken and influential member of the Labour Party, he served briefly in Tony Blair’s government. A committed trade unionist he has strong links with the grass roots of the party.

He came into politics to grab hold of the levers of power. But he believes there is an armlock round the country by a corporate and financial elite, who control everything.

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Andrew Tyrie MP

- Chichester, Conservative

He is the Chairman of the powerful Treasury Select Committee. He believes that if the UK is to be truly democratic then elected MPs should have more power.
Here he champions social mobility but refuses to accept that government education cuts will hit the least well off hardest. The son of a shopkeeper he was educated privately and went to Oxford.


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John Hilary

- Executive Director of War on Want

A campaigner for global justice. He is an outspoken critic of government and large companies as they seek to control world markets and natural resources.

‘War on Want’ he says, ‘is one of the few organizations prepared to expose the true impact of globalization on working people'.