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The world's top media organisation refused to talk to us. PLAY the videos to find out why

News Corporation

Research - Investigators discover News Corp

Research - BBC Economics Editor on News Corp

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" Thank you for your request to interview James Murdoch and Rebekha Brooks (CEO the Sun, Times and News of the World).

Unfortunately both have very busy schedules and it won't be possible to give you an interview in the near future..

Corporate Affairs News International "

No doubt they were hacking into our telephone conversations.

News Corporation

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As part of the research on the project, we went to talk to Stephanie Flanders at the BBC. Her job as Economics Editor takes her round the world. She has extensive understanding of how the media works and where power lies.

We met her in Television Centre, as she was preparing a major investigation into the banking crisis.

Stephanie Flanders

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- Economics Editor of the BBC

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- the refusal

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It is big. It is influential. It owns a huge number of media companies. But no one from News Corp would talk to us. This is what they said:

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