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"Contemporary politics simply cannot be understood without a comprehensive account of business influence" (page 2) "The universal resort to market solutions... and the loss of faith in the active state, have conspired together to embed corporate power so... that it appears to be invulnerable." (page ix)



State school students 'disadvantaged' in University Application says SUTTON TRUST CLICK

Leveson Inquiry = more bad news for NEWS CORP - see Who's Who CLICK

Occupied Times

The Occupy newspaper on 'Who Runs This Place? SEE THE ARTICLE

Who Knows Who? look at Channel 4 News website - CLICK

High pay of UK executives corrosive, report says

Call to end ‘corrosive’ top pay deals

High executive pay ‘corrosive’ to the UK economy, report warns

Call for watchdog to control soaring executive pay

High Pay Commission: most people believe executive pay ‘out of control’

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