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Radio interview with Sir Peter Lampl of the Sutton Trust: he argues that we should  bring back open access schemes which would open private schools to all pupils... The elites in Britain are dominated by people who went to independent schools. The current system wasted talent, was unfair and economically damaging to the nation.  From the BBC Today programme:

MOBILITY - All school places 'should be on merit' - THE SUTTON TRUST

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The High Pay Commission




This is an independent and ongoing inquiry into top pay in the private sector.

It looks at the reasons for the gap between high and low pay in the UK in recent years and why this matters.


          High pay of UK executives corrosive, report says                                             BBC


          Call to end ‘corrosive’ top pay deals                                                                Financial Times


          High executive pay ‘corrosive’ to the UK economy, report warns                      Guardian


          Call for watchdog to control soaring executive pay                                            Independent




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High pay of UK executives corrosive, report says                                                          


Call to end ‘corrosive’ top pay deals                                                                              


High executive pay ‘corrosive’ to the UK economy, report warns                                  


Call for watchdog to control soaring executive pay                                                    


High Pay Commission: most people believe executive pay ‘out of control’                      

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6 December 2011



The interview with Richard Lambert of the CBI, raised the issue of 'lobbying' and the privileged access ex-politicians have to Government

when they enter business.

Now SkyNews has uncovered another case:

A leading lobbying company has been secretly taped claiming to be able to directly influence David Cameron and other senior Government figures.


LOBBYING - business influence on government

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Where are they now Browne

UPDATES                                     We will periodically report on what the people interviewed in the DVD are doing now.          



                                                      Where are they now?

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The Occupy newspaper on 'Who Runs This Place?           SEE THE ARTICLE


Who Knows Who? look at Channel 4 News website - CLICK

'Bankers under the cosh'  -  that's how the suits in the City describe the cap on bankers bonuses

Occupied Times


City AM

Michael Spencer - spread betting IPLG       Michael Farmer - hedge fund RK Capital        Paul Ruddock - hedge fund Lansdowne Michael Hintze - hedge fund CQS        Henry Angest - financier Arbuthnot        David Rowland - property tycoon

Ian Taylor - energy trader        Michael Freeman - property mogul  Argent    Anthony Bamford - JCB    Lord Sainsbury

Leveson Inquiry = more bad news for NEWS CORP - see Who's Who   CLICK

Are these the kind of people who should be influencing government ?

Read 'The New Few' by Ferdinand Mount - the best footnote for this website

State school students 'disadvantaged' in University Application     says SUTTON TRUST   CLICK

The Age of Entitlement. - inequality in the UK.      CLICK

City AM

Wilks 4

The Political Power

of the

Business Corporation





"Contemporary politics simply cannot be understood without a comprehensive account of business influence"   (page 2)


"The universal resort to market solutions... and the loss of faith in the active state, have conspired together to embed corporate power so... that it appears to be invulnerable."

(page ix)


Edward Elgar




Read 'The Establishment and How They Get Away with It' by Owen Jones - enough said!